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SPXTR: Gone Streaking

The S&P500's total return (SPXTR) has increased 8 consecutive months.  SPXTR is higher by 15.63% over this 8 month winning streak.  Was there anyone alive who envisioned this on 10/31/2016?  No.  

Remember, the future price of SPXTR will trade beyond the limits of human imagination more often than not.  This unrelenting rally - following a shock election in which the consensus expectation was a decline in SPXTR upon Trump's election - is a beautiful example. 

What, if anything, does history have to say about an 8 month winning streak for SPXTR?  Since 1988, there's only 4 prior 8 month winning streaks for SPXTR, excluding overlapping samples.  There's virtually nothing we can takeaway from a sample size of 4, but the winning streak only made it to 9 in 1 instance.  Alternatively, the calendar month close as of signal date for SPXTR was never "the top" in all 4 prior samples.  All four samples traded up at least 6% or more at some point over the forward 12 months.  In summary, the primary trend remains up. While there's some evidence to suggest July experiences turbulence, the path of least resistance for SPXTR is up. 

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